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About me

I have recently graduated from the Master of Architecture course at the University of Melbourne, and am now eager to apply my skills to real world projects!

Over my six years of architectural studies I have had the chance to work on projects of various scales, and have developed strong design and computer skills.

I enjoy working as part of a team, which I have had the opportunity to do many times both at University, and at my previous jobs.

Although I was born in Israel a large part of my life was spent growing up in Australia, and so I have a strong connection to both cultures and am a citizen in both countries.


I am a quick learner and enjoy learning new things and expanding my skill base. Both for my architectural studies and for my previous jobs I have had to pick up new skills and always enjoy the process.

I have great attention to detail, and am patient and thorough.

My work as a Sales Area Manager has also taught me how to manage and lead a team, and my freelancing in web design has given me experience in communicating with clients regarding design projects.


I have been practicing Tai Chi for thirteen years now, which has taught me how to stay focused under stress and the importance of learning and practicing the fundamentals thoroughly before moving on to more advanced concepts.

I also started drumming around ten years ago which I find to have many similarities with architecture, such as the importance of context and the ability to create something new through creativity.

My skills and experience


Master of Architecture | 2013 - 2014
University of Melbourne
Degree Thesis: "Market"
Supervisors: Phillip Goad + Amanda Achmadi

Bachelor of Environments | 2009 - 2011
University of Melbourne

Architecture & Interior Design Course | 2005
Avni Institute of Art and Design, Jaffa, Israel

Architectural Skills


Model Making

Work Experience

Search Engine Optimisation & Web Design | Freelancing
While studying I worked on various projects when available, including web design, search engine optimisation [SEO] for businesses and individuals, and selling subscriptions to web apps that I coded and developed.

Zoco Management, Sales Area Manager | 2008
Christchurch + Auckland | In charge of training sales representatives and managing sales areas in New Zealand. Zoco Management promotes a line of cosmetic products.

Zoco Management, Sales Representative | 2007
Melbourne | Worked in various locations throughout Melbourne, promoted afterwards to a managerial position.

Orna Lalo Ltd. Administration & Sales | 2005 - 2007
Tel Aviv | A designer fashion jewelry company located in Israel distributing to an international market.
My responsibilities included invoicing, communication with our international distributors, analysing sales data, sourcing materials and helping on various projects, such as naming new design lines.

Additional Skills


English [fluent]

Hebrew [fluent]

Japanese [basic]

Get in touch

I would love to discuss any employment opportunities with you in person.
Please feel free to contact me at any time on 0415 269 671 or to email me at